UNGA: Statement on the High-Level Dialogue on Energy


Statement of the Prime Minister at the High-Level Dialogue on Energy at the UN General Assembly.

Mr. Secretary General, 

Dear Colleagues, 


During the past years, Belgium did – just like all of you - its homework in terms of energy transitionLet me give some examples. 


First, coming from 1,6 Giga Watts of wind energy production capacity in 2019, we will reach at least a 4 GW production by 2030, thanks to a new framework adopted that enables the construction of new wind farms in the North SeaWith this effort, Belgium will remain in the world’s top 5 of offshore wind energy producers. 


Secondly, we are working hard on our energy efficiency and electrification policies, as these play an important role in realizing the energy transition in a cost-effective manner. In the next few weeks, we will present our hydrogen vision that is based on the clear ambition to become one of the most important hubs in the field of hydrogen supply. 


Domestically, we will develop a hydrogen backbone, by expanding hydrogen networks and refurbishing natural gas networks.  


And internationally, we will foster strategic partnerships to ensure green hydrogen imports, creating win-wins for all parties.  


Belgium is determined to contribute to achieving SDG7 by 2030 and to reach net-zero emission by 2050. Our efforts towards SDG7 should particularly be directed to Africa, by helping to bridge the technology gap allowing African countries to leapfrog towards the use of renewables. 


These efforts must take place at a global scale and, as such, must be part of an inclusive and comprehensive policy, bringing together the private sector, NGO’s, governments, and international organizations. In this regard, we are looking forward to participating in the 26th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Glasgow. 


To conclude, I would like to assure you that Belgium, in its role of Vice-Chair of the IEA ministerial meeting in 2022, together with Denmark and Australia and under the chairmanship of the United States, will do its utmost to contribute to global energy transition and to a decarbonized world.    


I thank you.