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Consultative committee discusses omicron, current measures remain in effect

The Consultative Committee discussed the epidemiological situation today. The rapid spread of the omicron variant is causing a sharp increase in the number of infections. It is therefore decided to keep the current measures in place. At the same time, the Consultative Committee also discussed the medium-term strategy with the focus on predictability and perspective.
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Consultative Committee tightens preventive health measures against omikron variant

Today, the Consultative Committee discussed the epidemiological situation in our country and finds that the omikron variant is on the rise. Therefore, the Consultative Committee is taking a cautious approach and is tightening protection measures as of Sunday, 26 December.
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Joint declaration of the Benelux Summit

At the end of the Belgian Presidency of the Benelux, the Prime Ministers of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg have reaffirmed their commitment to continue strengthening their cooperation, both between their countries and on the European level.
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A need to ease tensions with Russia

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has called for a de-escalation of the tensions with Russia at the start of the Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels. At the same time, it must also be clear that any violation of Ukraine's territorial integrity will have very far-reaching consequences for Russia and will come at a great cost.
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Summit for Democracy: Belgium is committed to democracy and the rule of law

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo is participating today in the Democracy Summit hosted by the White House at the invitation of US President Joe Biden. Both nationally and internationally, Belgium continues to defend democracy and the rule of law.

Summit for Democracy: Belgian declaration

The Belgian declaration, pronounced by Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, during the Leaders’ Plenary Session of the Summit for Democracy.
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Video call with Li Keqiang, Prime Minister of China

This morning, Prime Minister De Croo had a videoconference with his Chinese colleague Li Keqiang, on the occasion of 50 years of diplomatic relations between Belgium and China.
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Consultative Committee lowers age requirement for face masks, restricts indoor activities and decides on education package

Today, The Consultative Committee discussed the epidemiological situation in our country. To reduce the pressure on our healthcare system, it was decided to limit indoor activities, to bring forward the Christmas holidays for nursery and primary schools to 20 December and to switch to hybrid teaching in secondary schools. People are also asked to limit indoors social contacts as much as possible.
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Joint Declaration on Bilateral Cooperation UK - Belgium

Prime Minister De Croo and Prime Minister Johnson signed a joint statement today expressing their intention to open a new chapter of deeper bilateral cooperation and partnership between Belgium and the United Kingdom.
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Consultative Committee decides on winter package with immediate effect

The Consultative Committee took note of the fact that the coronas situation in our countries is rapidly deteriorating with overburdening of the healthcare system, loss of healthcare staff and delay in patient care. Therefore, the Consultative Committee has decided on a new winter package with measures to reduce the number of contacts.

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