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Start of Phase 3 of the phase-out plan starting on 8 June

Today, Wednesday, June 3, the National Security Council, extended to include the Ministers-President, approved the transition to Phase 3 of the phase-out plan starting on 8 June.
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The third part of the Federal Plan for Social and Economic Protection is being prepared

The Inner Cabinet met this morning, Friday 29 May, to define the contours of the third part of the Federal Plan for Social and Economic Protection. 
Parliamentary questions

Answers to parliamentary questions

Corona crisis - Economic recovery plan - Proposals from employers' organisations and Financial situation of the hospitals 
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Gradual return to school to continue in Belgium

At its meeting on Wednesday, 27 May, the Consultation Committee agreed – based on a proposal by the education ministers and a recommendation by the Exit Strategy Expert Group (GEES) – on the next steps in ensuring that Belgian schoolchildren can return to school.
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Response to questions in plenary

Coronavirus crisis – recovery plan and the health sector

Exit Strategy - Phase 2

Parliamentary questions

Answer to parliamentary questions on the decisions of the National Security Council

Answer to parliamentary questions. Horeca and culture are two sectors that will demand the attention of experts and governments in the coming days. At the same time, we will continue to refine the next steps in the exit.
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Phase-out: start of phase 2 from 18 May

The National Security Council (NSC), extended with the ministers-president had a meeting today, Wednesday 13 May. On the basis of the GEES experts' report, the NSC decided to start phase 2 of the phase-out plan as from 18 May.

Exit Strategy - Phase 1B

Parliamentary questions

Answer to parliamentary questions on the National Security Council of 6 May

As part of the exit, a social contract is made with each citizen. We all have a responsibility to limit our contacts outside our circles and to ensure that safe distances are maintained.

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