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Joint statement by the Members of the European Council

Joint statement by the Members of European Council on the terrorist attacks in France.
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European Council discusses how to tackle the COVID-19 crisis

The members of the European Council will meet today via videoconference to discuss the COVID-19 crisis to discuss the importance of a European strategy on testing and vaccinations, among other topics.  
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COVID-19 alarm level 4: Consultative committee tightens corona rules for sport, culture and higher education

The Consultative Committee aligned a series of corona rules in the area of sports, cultural events and (higher) education in line with alarm level 4.
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COVID-19 alarm level 4 goes into effect: stricter rules starting Monday 19 October

Today, the Consultative Committee considered the worrying epidemiological situation, with the entire country at alert level 4 (very high alert) on the basis of the COVID-19 barometer. 
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Meeting with Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen

The Prime Minister explained the new federal coalition agreement and discussed the most important current issues for Belgium at European level. 
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Consultation Committee decides on stricter measures and appoints COVID-19 commissioner

The federal government and the minister-presidents of the federated entities today examined the epidemiological situation of COVID-19. The Consultation Committee deems the situation particularly serious and has therefore decided to bolster the hygiene measures.  

Government declaration

Picture: Belga Image
Government declaration by Prime Minister Alexander De Croo

Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers is one of the main epicentres of Belgian politics. It deliberates and takes decisions on general policy issues and is the forum in which the political cohesion of the governing coalition is tested each week.

Role & powers

The tasks of the Prime Minister are many and varied, but the four most important are:leading the government;chairing the Council of Ministers;representing the government in the main governmental and non-governmental institutions;representing the government abroad.

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