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Prime Minister De Croo opens NATO summit and welcomes US President Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

In the run-up to next week's NATO Summit, Prime Minister De Croo will welcome US President Biden at Melsbroek Military Airport on Sunday evening. On Monday, the Prime Minister will open the NATO Summit together with the NATO Secretary-General. On Tuesday, he and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau will pay a joint working visit to vaccine manufacturer Pfizer in Puurs.
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Open Letter from SheDecides Champions

As we emerge from the shock of a global pandemic, we won't stand by while women's rights are eroded. As SheDecides Champions, we ask that women and girls across the world get full access to their sexual and reproductive rights and freedoms.

Summit on Financing African Economies

Speech of the Prime Minister on the Summit on Financing African Economies.
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Summer plan: four steps to resuming a normal life

The Federal Government and the Governments of the Federated Entities decided on a comprehensive Summer Plan today in the Consultative Committee. This plan facilitates a return to a more normal life in four steps.
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Alexander De Croo welcomes new trade talks at EU-India Summit

The European Union and India agreed to expand their strategic partnership at an extraordinary EU-India Summit held in Porto today. Prime Minister De Croo spoke at the summit on behalf of the Benelux countries, emphasising among other things the importance of trade with a strong focus on green growth. Belgium is the second most important European trade partner for India.
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Alexander De Croo takes on role as 'Global Leader' in Generation Unlimited (UNICEF)

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has joined the Generation Unlimited (GenU) Leaders Group today. This was announced today by the organisation that works to create more opportunities for young people worldwide. Besides Prime Minister De Croo, other members of the Leaders Group include UN Secretary-General António Guterres, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Kenyan President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and the President of Trinidad and Tobago Paula Mae Weekes.
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Belgium bans passenger travel from India

Belgium bans all passenger travel from India, Brazil, and South Africa. The federal government's proposal was approved this morning in a digital meeting of the Consultative Committee. The Minister of the Interior will publish an Ministerial Decree to this effect as soon as possible.
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Consultative committee determines rules for outdoor terraces

Today, in the Consultative Committee, the federal government and the governments of the federated entities implemented earlier decisions. Among other things, the conditions for opening terraces in the catering industry and for events in May and June were laid down. The Consultative Committee also calls on everyone to get vaccinated.
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Consultative Committee decides to end of Easter break

The Federal Government and the Governments of the Federated Entities discussed the corona situation today in the Consultative Committee. 
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European Council greenlights vaccine export mechanism

During its meeting, the European Council gave the green light to the European Commission to proceed with the development of an export mechanism for vaccines. This should prevent companies that do not respect their agreements from exporting vaccines outside of Europe.

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