Press Release

Prime Minister meets head of IMF

Below you will find the press release following the meeting between Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Kristalina Georgieva, head of the International Monetary Fund. 

Prime Minister De Croo met today with IMF Managing Director Georgieva in Brussels to discuss issues of common interest and the state of the global economy. They also exchanged views on the state of the Belgian economy. The IMF Board completed the IMF Article IV for Belgium on 8 December 2023. 

Alexander De Croo: “The IMF is a trusted advisor for the Belgian government. The government considers the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund essential in its policy making. The IMF acknowledges that our strong and timely policy response ensured that the Belgium economy showed resilience in withstanding a series of shocks. This is both encouraging and inspiring”. 

Kristalina Georgieva: “Thanks to timely and effective policy responses, the Belgian economy and its financial sector have shown resilience in withstanding a series of shocks over the past three years. It is now time to build on this success by pursuing growth enhancing reforms and rebuilding fiscal space.”

The Prime Minister and the Managing Director also discussed the situation in Ukraine. Ukraine is a Member of the Belgium-Dutch Constituency at the IMF.