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Prime Minister De Croo congratulates new U.S. President Biden

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo congratulates President Joseph R. Biden upon his inauguration as the 46th President of the United States. He also congratulates Kamala Harris, the first female Vice President.

Alexander De Croo: "The inauguration of President Biden is the start of a new chapter for relations between Europe and America. President Biden is clearly in favour of strong transatlantic ties. He is a staunch multilateralist who supports the Paris Climate Agreement and considers NATO to be the cornerstone of our common defence policy. His assumption of office reaffirms the Western alliance as standing firmly on its two legs: the European and the American. I look forward to working with him and his administration. Belgium and the United States share a lot of interests, which are best served when we work together."

Strong transatlantic relationship

The United States is a strategic partner and a key ally of Belgium and the European Union. As the home of the European Union and NATO, Belgium stands ready to work with the new Biden administration to further strengthen the transatlantic alliance in defense of our shared values.

Alexander De Croo: "Together, the United States and a united Europe form a strong tandem to strengthen the international rule of law. Climate change, COVID-19 and the fight against terrorism are at the top of the long list of global challenges that we can only tackle successfully by working together, in a spirit of international cooperation and solidarity. President Biden embodies the return of the American political will to take on international responsibility. Europe must now ensure that it has clear answers for the major geopolitical issues at hand."

Strong economic ties

The economic bond between Europe and the United States is not to be underestimated. The United States invests three times more in Europe than in Asia. EU-US trade flows account for one-third of global trade, and the EU and US economies combined account for half of global GDP.

The economic relationship between Belgium and the United States is also particularly strong. In total, some 900 American companies are active in our country, often in strategic knowledge sectors such as the pharmaceutical, chemical and services industries. Together they represent 124,000 jobs, while the 500 Belgian companies operating in the US account for some 60,000 jobs.

Prime Minister De Croo hopes to meet President Biden soon to strengthen ties between our two countries and drive forward our common agenda.