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Meeting with UN Secretary-General Guterres

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo met with UN Secretary-General Guterres today at his official residence. On the agenda: the importance of international cooperation and solidarity in the fight against the pandemic, poverty and global warming.

António Guterres' first trip abroad since his reappointment for a second term brings the Secretary-General straight to Brussels, the diplomatic heart of the European Union. This is no coincidence, as Belgium is one of the founders of the United Nations and has always been an advocate of international cooperation.

Stronger together

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo: "Whether it is about fighting the pandemic, vaccine production, tackling climate issues or poverty, we are always stronger together. Now that Belgium is slowly opening up its society again thanks to a successful vaccination campaign, we must also scale up vaccine production globally to protect the most vulnerable countries. Belgium, as one of the world's power houses for vaccines, can play an important role here."

Post-covid Economic recovery was also on the agenda. The Prime Minister wants to see the same level of ambition of the European RRF plan applied globally.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo: "We need a global plan for post-covid economic reconstruction. The pandemic has increased inequalities between countries and affected the most vulnerable in particular. For the first time in twenty years, extreme poverty is on the rise. We must work together to reverse that trend."