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Energy meeting with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez

In the run-up to the European Council, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo received the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez in his official residence. They talked about a European approach to rising energy prices.

After Belgium reached two energy agreements last week, it is now high time to conclude a European winter plan. This winter plan should build on the discussion at the special European Council in Versailles (10-11 March) where Belgium suggested a possible capping of gas prices as a last resort for breaking the irrational price formation of the gas markets. The European Commission was asked to develop various options.

In the run-up to the European Council, the Prime Minister has planned a series of contacts in the coming days. "After the Belgian energy agreements, it is time for a European energy agreement. We must start preparing for next winter now by developing a real European winter plan," said the Prime Minister.

Stronger together

The proposal specifically includes the possibility of European countries taking the step towards the European joint purchase of natural gas. Alexander De Croo: "Europe is stronger if it throws its collective weight behind lowering energy prices. We applied the same approach in the past with the joint purchase of vaccines. We can do it again. We are stronger together. . In this way, we create security and predictability, as this is the best way to break irrational gas prices and keep prices under control. Also at home. A temporary price cap of wholesale prices is the last resort. This is a major intervention to slow down the irrational price increases."