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Consultative Committee: Reopening of hairdressers from Saturday 13 February

The Federal Government and the Governments of the Federated Entities discussed the corona situation today in the Consultative Committee. The Consultative Committee has decided that hairdressers can reopen from February 13 under very strict conditions. Outdoor activities in zoos are also allowed from that date.

The current corona situation in our country is mixed. The number of infections has been stable since December. The number of hospital admissions and deaths is declining slightly. Meanwhile, the spread of infectious virus variants must be contained. Extreme caution is therefore still necessary.

However, the Consultative Committee also recognizes body care's undeniable contribution to improving people’s social and mental well-being. Non-medical contact professions will therefore be allowed to gradually reopen. Hairdressers can resume their activities from Saturday, 13 February. Other non-medical contact professions, such as beauty parlours, massage and nail salons, will be able to return to work as of 1 March.

Very strict conditions

The reopening of non-medical contact professions is subject to very strict conditions and tightened protocols. These include:

  • A waiting time of 10 minutes between treatments, which should be sufficient for cleaning and disinfection of the treatment area
  • Requirement to work by appointment
  • Customers have to wait outside
  • Providing adequate ventilation, e.g. keeping windows and doors open
  • Providing services to customers in their own home is still not allowed


Outdoor activities in zoos

Zoos are allowed to open from February 13 and under the same rules as nature parks. This means, among other things, that only outdoor activities are allowed, and access control must be tightly managed.

Vacation homes in holiday parks, bungalow parks and campsites

The Consultative Committee also took note of the 2 February ruling of the Belgian Supreme Court ruling on vacation homes in holiday parks, bungalow parks and campsites. In accordance with the ruling, they will be allowed to reopen from 8 February, subject to the same strict conditions as other forms of lodging. This includes keeping their restaurants, drinking establishments and other common facilities closed.


The Consultative Committee confirmed its earlier decision to allow home visits as part of real estate activities by professional realtors as of 13 February. 


The Consultative Committee confirms that the current restrictions can be phased out as soon as there is a structural improvement in the epidemiological situation. Among other things, the increase in the number of vaccinated citizens, especially vulnerable groups, will have a positive impact on this situation. The COVID-19 Commissariat and GEMS were asked to draw up a timeline, together with the relevant ministers and sectors.

New Consultative Committee on 26 February

Finally, the Consultative Committee also decided to extend the 28 October 2020 decision until 1 April 2021. It does so, to ensure the necessary legal certainty even after 1 March 2021. However, interim decisions or revisions are still possible.

The next Consultative Committee is scheduled for Friday, 26 February 2021.