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Alexander De Croo takes on role as 'Global Leader' in Generation Unlimited (UNICEF)

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has joined the Generation Unlimited (GenU) Leaders Group today. This was announced today by the organisation that works to create more opportunities for young people worldwide. Besides Prime Minister De Croo, other members of the Leaders Group include UN Secretary-General António Guterres, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Kenyan President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and the President of Trinidad and Tobago Paula Mae Weekes.

The GenU global partnership aims to ensure that all young people in the world between the ages of 10 and 24 have access to quality education, training and jobs by 2030. GenU was founded in 2018 by UNICEF and from the start Alexander De Croo took an active role in the organisation as GenU Champion. Among other things, he put closing the digital divide, the importance of online and distance learning and skilling on the agenda.

Digital skills

In his new role, the Prime Minister wants to gather more support to strengthen young people's (digital) skills so they have access to jobs and thrive better in the digital and green economy.

Prime Minister De Croo will work alongside governments, the corporate world and young people to mobilise political commitment and investment to help young people develop their skills to prepare for a better future.

Creativity and energy

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo: "I am looking forward to contributing to the Generation Unlimited Leaders Group. For a whole generation of young people, the corona crisis is a decisive moment with a major impact on their future. In the coming years, we will have to invest more in quality education and skills development worldwide."

"We will also need to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of young people, so that they can thrive in a digital, greener and more diverse economy. Our hope of emerging stronger from this crisis certainly rests on the creativity and energy of young people. I look forward to standing up for them globally and working with them to reinvigorate this important agenda worldwide."

Digital education

Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of UNICEF, said: "We need everyone on board to rebuild economies and prepare young people for a technology-enabled future. We look forward to working with Prime Minister De Croo as a member of the Generation Unlimited Leaders Group to forge stronger public-private partnerships that will connect young people quickly and en masse with digital education and the digital skills they need."

Kevin Frey, CEO of Generation Unlimited, said, "I am delighted that Prime Minister De Croo has joined Generation Unlimited today. He will work with CEOs of multinationals and governments to promote the digital skills agenda, expand the coalition of support across borders and industries to include global digital skills, and create opportunities for adolescents and young people to participate in decision-making."

"COVID-19 has created an opportunity that only happens once in a generation to ensure that all young people have access to possibilities to develop the necessary skills to realise their potential. GenU aims to reach 200 million young people in 190 countries by 2030 with entrepreneurship and skills development initiatives. Prime Minister De Croo's leadership, experience and political influence will be crucial to achieving this ambition."