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8 millionth Audi car in Brussels

Audi Brussels will soon get the opportunity to manufacture the new Q8 e-tron. This announcement was made during a working visit by Prime Minister Alexander De Croo to the factory in Forest, on the occasion of the production of the 8 millionth car.

The first car rolled off the production line at the factory in Forest in 1949. Today, 79 years later, marked the 8 millionth car, which is a fully electric model. It shows the growth and evolution that the industry has undergone, but it also highlights the know-how and innovative power of our country.

Only 14 years ago, Volkswagen Forest made a new start in Audi Brussels. It was the government of then Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt that ensured that car manufacturers could continue to produce in our country on competitive terms. In the meantime, Audi Brussels has grown into a 'Factory for the Future' after successfully making the switch to electric cars.

Belgium, open for business

From 2026, the Q8 e-tron will roll off the production line in Forest, a slightly larger electric model. According to Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, it shows that our country is open for business.

Alexander De Croo, Prime Minister: "When it comes to sustainability and innovation, we have a huge advantage here in our country. In Brussels, we have a factory of the future and also in Ghent we have a factory where electric cars are manufactured. The jobs that are created here are jobs of the future, because they safeguard the future of mobility."