Press Release

“The same rights and duties as any European citizen for Mr. Puigdemont, no more and no less”

The Prime Minister was informed yesterday of the announced presence of Mr. Puigdemont in Belgium.


Mr. Puigdemont is not in Belgium at the invitation or on the initiative of the Belgian government. Free movement within the Schengen area allows him to be in Belgium without having to complete any other formalities. In his own words, Mr. Puigdemont has come to Brussels because it is the capital of Europe. He will be treated here like any other European citizen in this country.


The Belgian government did not take any steps to encourage Mr. Puigdemont to travel to Belgium.


The Belgian government has repeatedly called for a political dialogue in Spain in order to resolve the crisis in the framework of preserving national and international order.


Mr. Puigdemont has the same rights and duties as any European citizen, no more and no less. The government will oversee respect for the rule of law.


In addition, the government will maintain regular diplomatic contacts with Spain in the context of the current situation.